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The Only Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

Delivering Precision and Excellence


in 1979 

700+ Experienced Employees

350+ Clients  & Partners

8 Manufacturing & Services Facilities

Engineering Plans

Why choose HLN

Research & Development

HLN development team conducts extensive research and development in materials to cater to your special requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing

Leverage on HLN’s sketch-to-scale, design and engineering capabilities. You can customize any of our designs to get a jumpstart on developing your own product design.

Serial Production

HLN has the ability for tooling and production capacity to manufacture a wide range of precision components. Our strict standards of inspection and measurement ensure quality and compliance with customer-specified tolerances.

Supply Chain Manufacturing

HLN’s regional footprint and networks help you to build the right logistic and distribution infrastructure that is flexible, nimble and cost effective. Our regional procurement teams have access to specialized market intelligence like price and lead time trends, allowing them to make the right and timely procurement and sourcing decisions.

Product Life Management

HLN testing units possess knowhow and equipment – to provide standard electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical testing. HLN also works with reliable vendors/ partners to provide additional or non-standard testing measures if required. This is to ensure that your product meets with the necessary regulatory standards, and avoid costly setbacks and delays

About US

HLN Technologies was founded in 1979, having close to 40 years of continued success in elastomeric operations. The company started as a material compounder. Business flourished and our distribution network expanded from serving small local enterprises to multinational companies.


Our strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia has fueled our position in Asia as the leading molded and extruded elastomers. We specialize in proprietary rubber formulation, customized rubber compounding, complex tooling design and compression molding of precision rubber components.


In 2021, the company further ventured into liquid silicon molding and precision components machining. HLN envisions to be a global leader in providing world-class one-stop solutions contract manufacturer.


We continually strive to improve the value and quality of our products by proactively engaging our customers through professional engineering and technical support. With our team’s commitment and global network, HLN is dedicated to fulfilling our promises to all our valued customers.

Our Clients

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