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Contract Manufacturing

Project Management

Leverage on HLN’s sketch-to-scale, design and engineering capabilities. You can customize any of our designs to get a jumpstart on developing your own product design. We believe in early collaboration as it delivers:

Supply Chain Management

HLN’s regional footprint and networks help you to build the right logistic and distribution infrastructure that is flexible, nimble and cost effective. Our regional procurement teams have access to specialized market intelligence like price and lead time trends, allowing them to make the right and timely procurement and sourcing decisions.

Serial Production

HLN has the ability for tooling and production capacity to manufacture a wide range of precision components. Our strict standards of inspection and measurement ensure quality and compliance with customer-specified tolerances. Our range of services includes:

Tooling Fabrication


Plastic Injection / Finishing Process

Rubber Compression Molding

Precision Metal Component Machining

Rubber Extrusion

Final Assembly


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